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M&T Bank – Baltimore Ravens Stadium


RMF was the lead design consultant for all MEP engineering for the 68,400 seat, 1.6 million SF stadium. The main function of the stadium is to act as home field for the NFL Baltimore Ravens, as well as hosting multiple social gatherings.

The HVAC systems delivered low temperature chilled water (36°F), low temperature air (45°F) and heating hot water (200°F) to over thirty air handling systems providing 600,000 cfm of conditioned and ventilation air for the facility. The plumbing design included domestic water and sanitary systems for 68,000 spectators, 2 main kitchens, 60 Concessions, and 140 Luxury Boxes. The cooling medium is generated at the Camden Yards -Chilled Water/Ice Storage plant (1500 tons – stadium only). The heating medium is high pressure steam, purchased from South Baltimore Trigen Seam generation plant (60,000 mbh – stadium only).

The electrical design included dual incoming 15,000 volt services from the local utility, and fourteen (14) facility owned and maintained 4,160 volt substations located throughout the stadium. The emergency electrical loads for the stadium are supplied from a generator plant which is located on the site outside of the building. This plant houses multiple generators which supply 15 KV power and is also utilized for peak shaving at both the football stadium and the adjacent baseball stadium.

RMF improved the utility efficient generating features include ice making for chilled water and electrical power from the emergency generators for peak shaving, incorporated to serve the entire Camden Yards Sports complex. Plumbing design included a domestic water system, sanitary drainage system, storm drainage system, and turf drainage system. It was the largest plumbing project in the State of Maryland in over a decade.

Engineering Highlights

  • Maintained the Camden Yards/South Baltimore industrial heritage.
  • The Club Level can be utilized year round.
  • Field Heating System – Steam/Hot Water Convertors to a multi-zone, pumped distribution system.
  • The 140 luxury boxes are recognized as some of the widest and most accommodating suites in sporting venues.
  • The electrical distribution system included facility owned and maintained substations to reduce voltage drop problems.
  • Fan-Powered VAV units and Fan Coil Units were utilized to permit off-hour, non-game day use while maintaining design conditions during unoccupied modes without initializing major air handling systems.
  • Segregated HVAC and plumbing systems to maximize energy savings during specific usage and unoccupied modes.

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