EPA MACT Compliance

The EPA’s Area Source Boiler MACT rule requires owners of certain boilers to conduct an energy assessment as the collective emissions from those boilers contribute to air pollution and a wide range of health concerns. Owners who fail to have an assessment completed by the deadline will be deemed out of compliance and will incur a fine.

To get in compliance you’ll need to schedule a MACT Energy Assessment if you’re the owner of oil and/or solid fuel boilers with heat input capacities of 10 million Btu/hr or more. It’s a one-time assessment with the primary purpose of identifying energy savings opportunities that will reduce overall air emissions. The assessment must be completed by a Qualified Energy Assessor.

Why RMF?

RMF is an NB-369 Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA) through the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. Our team of inspectors and certified energy engineers are more than qualified to handle your energy assessment and to examine plants for code compliance, safety and reliability.

  • 20+ years of inspection/assessment experience
  • We have evaluated hundreds of fuel burning plants

By applying modern principles of energy conservation our team has created plans for improving thermal efficiencies by as much as 20 points.

What Does the EPA Require?

  • Visual Inspection
  • Evaluation of Operating Characteristics
  • Inventory of Major Systems Consuming Energy
  • Review of Available Plans and Procedures
  • Listing of Major Energy Conservation Measures
  • Listing of the Energy Savings Potential
  • Comprehensive Report

What Are the Energy Saving Opportunities?

  • Fuel (Primary Energy Source) Switching
  • Excess Air Control
  • Modern Combustion Controls
  • Blowdown Heat Recovery
  • Blowdown Reduction
  • Stack Economizers
  • Fuel Gas Condensing System
  • Combustion Air Preheaters
  • Water Treatment Scale Upgrades & Soot Reduction
  • Cogeneration/Steam Driven Auxiliaries
  • Steam Leak Repairs
  • Steam Trap Testing & Repair
  • Steam End-Use Management
  • Applied Steam Energy vs. Direct-Fired Energy vs. Electricity Conversion
  • Reinsulation
  • Manhole Rehabilitation and Insulation
  • Insulation Addition
  • Condensate Recovery
  • Steam Pressure Reduction

How Can We Maximize Your Energy Assessment?

The EPA MACT assessment is a good first step. The best investment is to create a long-term vision that provides a road map for sustainability – to decrease air emissions and improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of your boilers and process heating systems. With over 20 years of inspection/assessment experience, RMF is capable of providing the right Boiler MACT assessment to match all of your needs. From a simple system review to a comprehensive master plan involving internal inspection, non-destructive testing, performance testing and evaluation of options based on life cycle costs.