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A Voice You Can Rely On

A building with low energy use on day one is a success. A building with low energy use every day of its life is a legacy of success. To achieve your efficiency goals, RMF offers in-depth commissioning of systems during construction, and throughout the building’s life. For a building owner, the design and construction process can be overwhelming. It is difficult for your A/E team not to consider the impact on their design schedule and costs when presenting options. It is equally difficult for Construction Managers not to consider the impact on their construction schedule and GMP when doing the same. As your commissioning agent, we focus on being your sounding board for difficult decisions. In doing so, we have found the ability to be a voice owner’s can rely on throughout the design and construction process.

A Full Staff of Commissioning Experts

Our experienced team of commissioning specialists can perform any level of commissioning services your job requires. Registered Professional Engineers, certified plant operators, certified building commissioning professionals, LEED Accredited Professionals, licensed master electricians, master plumbers and code inspectors are dedicated to RMF’s commissioning team to support your commissioning needs.

RMF’s Difference Is In The People

Whether you’re in need of RMF’s commissioning services for LEED certification, or for owner-driven request, we have the team you need to get your building tested and quality checked quickly and efficiently. And we outshine the competition when it comes to commissioning services. How? Easy. We take a more hands on approach by benchmarking your equipment ourselves. We don’t simply take the contractor’s word, we validate the intended operation. Where most others practice only broad based quality assurance, RMF also practices focused quality control.

We Challenge The Building, Not The Process

That’s right. We apply leading edge technologies to check the functionality of the built environment; electrical system, HVAC system, process system, and more. We’ve even completed mission critical / tier-level commissioning where we have introduced heaters and load banks to test critical systems, which helps us determine how well a facility can handle stress. Most firms do not challenge the building; they simply oversee the process. While we have a proven process that drives projects to functional completion, the primary focus at RMF is quality control; we always challenge the building. We test systems to ensure they work at maximum efficiency, and provide a safe and pleasant environment.

With a dedicated commissioning team operating 100% independently of our design staff, we’re set up to bring you a turnkey engineering solution. Owners trust us to challenge design professionals when required to resolve technical issues.

Re and Retro Commissioning

RMF’s diverse team of experts gives us the unique ability to provide not only new building commissioning services, but commissioning for existing buildings as well. Whether a building that was commissioned in years past whose occupancy has changed or a building that was never commissioned, RMF’s teams can bring their own tools to both analyze and optimize your building’s systems. Re-commissioning can create energy savings that pay for the cost in less than one year.

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