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Years of due-diligence have earned RMF national recognition for the analysis, planning, and design of utility generation and distribution systems. Often a campus energy plan may begin with an assessment and energy analysis of electricity, heating, and chilled water usage. We then weigh the utility costs against alternate sources. This may include conventional as well as emerging technologies, and may include the use of renewable energy sources. A qualitative and quantitative analysis is perfect to identify the best alternative. The goal of this exercise is to ensure we are always providing the most effective long-term energy solution possible.

RMF Provides You The Most Efficient Energy Solutions

We always consider numerous viable generation technologies and evaluate the capital, fuel, and maintenance costs, as well as factors such as permitting and public approval. We have Certified Energy Managers skilled in auditing and identifying methods for reduction in annual utility operating costs through the use of innovative and efficient solutions.

The distribution of utilities is equally important in maximizing efficiency and longevity. The optimum method (direct bury, overhead, tunnels, etc.) is site dependent as well as cost sensitive. The guiding philosophy of a utility distribution system network is to provide reliability under the most demanding situations.

Your Final Result:

Our due-diligence and past project experience ensures that your utility infrastructure projects stand the test of time, and operate at the lowest levels of cost and energy consumption with the least amount of environmental impact.

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