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Preserving the Integrity of Your Design

We’re meticulous when it comes to helping owners translate their engineering plans to construction companies. We work diligently to preserve what was put down on paper, ensuring that what was designed is accurately translated to your job site. Our staff of field service technicians come with a long tenure at RMF. This deep history of working together as a team allows us to better interpret, and when necessary, fill in the gaps – in real time – on the job site.

Our Services

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    A building with low energy use on day one is a success. A building with low energy use every day of its life is a legacy of success. To achieve your efficiency goals, RMF offers in-depth commissioning of systems during construction, and throughout the building’s life.

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    Construction Quality Management

    Construction Management performed by RMF can be the difference between a proactive project that runs smoothly and a reactive project that leads to change orders, deficiencies and delays.

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    Assessment Technology

    We are champions when it comes to evaluating the life expectancy, condition, and suitability of your current equipment. We are able to tell you – with great accuracy – whether or not the equipment you are using will work or need replacement.

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    Energy Assessments

    RMF is an NB-369 Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA) through the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. Our team of inspectors and certified energy engineers are more than qualified to handle your energy assessment and to examine plants for code compliance, safety and reliability.

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    Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

    Arc flash is the energy that is given off when there is an electrical short in a piece of equipment while someone is interacting with the equipment while the power feed remains energized. The event is comprised of a violent blast of heat, pressure and light.

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Assessment Technology

The Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (DCLS), a division of the Virginia Department of General Services, contacted RMF to draw upon our knowledge of CDC, NIH and OSHA requirements for high containment laboratory design and compliance, our ability to effectively commission and retro-commission projects of this type.

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